Join Bob Smith on a journey through all of Shakespeare!



New Year’s cheer to everyone from R.D. Scinto, Bob Smith and Nights with Shakespeare.

We are excited to present our brand new play schedule for 2015. Lots of thought has gone into the selection of texts which represent a tapestry of Shakespeare’s greatest works. Each year we’ll explore three examples of the major categories into which the Bard divided his work. Tragedy, comedy and history.

King Lear     Feb 3  –  March 24

NWS will kick off 2015 with what many think is Shakespeare’s most profound work. There isn’t a deeper or more painful investigation of the foibles of aging and familial strife than this extraordinary masterwork. What play could more suit a Connecticut winter? “Howl, howl, howl…”

The Merchant of Venice    June 2 – July 21

In early summer Corporate 3 will spend each Tuesday evening in Venice. Here is a fabulous play that unflinchingly depicts man’s inhumanity. It’s about money, religion, family ethics. Name a human hot spot and this great play presses it’s accusing finger right there. “The quality of mercy is not strained…” Really?

King Henry the Fifth    Oct 6 – Nov 24

As leaves fall we’ll join the army of young King Henry as it traverses the muddy fields of France. What a magnificent play! From the ‘St.  Crispin’ speech to ‘Once more unto the breach’  there isn’t a work that’s inspired more patriotism or affection. “O for a muse of fire!” You will love it.

– Bob Smith

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