Join Bob Smith on a journey through all of Shakespeare!



Coming Tuesday, July 22nd - Summer Sonnets

We will spend rest of the Summer immersed in poetry. His sonnets  and epic poems were the most successful literary achievements of Shakespeare’s lifetime!

Besides the thirty-seven plays, in his extraordinary career Shakespeare produced one hundred and fifty four sonnets and four epic poems (with a wife and three children to support, it’s what he did for income when plague closed the theaters).

A Shakespearean sonnet’s fourteen lines with an alternating rhyme scheme ending in a summation couplet. The genius who wrote Hamlet and Lear breaks it all down to only fourteen lines. A wind-up, a pitch and a home-run every time!

We’ll look at dozens of examples and, time allowing, we’ll delve into the poems Lucrece and Venus and Adonis.

I think that just maybe Adonis is the young Will and the elder seductress, the zaftig Venus, his nine years older wife Anne.

And thanks as  always to the wonderful, forward-looking R.D. Scinto for making all of this possible.

– Bob Smith



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