Join Bob Smith on a journey through all of Shakespeare!


R.D. Scinto Inc. presents

Nights with Shakespeare
5th Year

November 4 to December 16, 2014


The Famous History of the Life
King Henry the VIII
All is True

Endings and Beginnings. Shakespeare’s last play.

Our boy is retired and alcoholic. After more than two decades of life at the pinnacle of London society Shakespeare is back in Stratford with his family.

Sad. . . but, wait a minute. . .

It’s not quite the end of Will’s story.

Suddenly, two former business partners from the big city show up. Boozing with the Bard at a local pub, they beg the old wizard to pull it off just one more time.

“Go back to where you started,  a history play. . .Henry the VIII. The early stuff. Henry’s first wife Catherine. And maybe just a little of Anne Boleyn. How about the birth of Elizabeth?”

Endings and beginnings.

From that pie-eyed October afternoon at the Mermaid Tavern came this glorious play, and not withstanding its title, Henry the VIII crowns Shakespeare’s career-long exploration of regal women.

Margaret, Eleanor, Constance, Hermione, Thaisa, Cleopatra, Anne, Catherine and the sleep-walking Mrs. Macbeth are all stunningly summed up in this homage to Catherine of Aragon.

This wonderful play’s a marriage of apparitions and introspections. Outside and in. Endings and beginnings.

Henry the VIII marks R.D. Scinto presents Nights with Shakespeare’s fifth Christmas!

White Tudor roses. Fallen crowns and crimson blood on December snow. The best writer the world has ever known puts down his quill and picks up eternity.

Endings and beginnings. You will love it.

– Bob Smith

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